My Boyfriend Says He Needs Space. What Does It Mean?

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Does your boyfriend say he needs space? Is Your Man Loosing Interest In You? You Can Change It

Have you ever felt that the romance in your relationship has gone down hill and the spark is no longer there?

Perhaps your man who was once attentive and caring, who called you all the time to make plans in advance and wanted to see you every day has started acting completely differently.

Suddenly or gradually your boyfriend has turned into a man who doesn't treat you the way he did before and doesn't make you feel as if you are the one for him.

His calls are further and further apart, and one day he stops calling you altogether. And when you call, you can't get a satisfactory explanation to his behavior.

Suddenly his work takes precedence and he tells you he has to work long hours, or he has a party at the office that you can't attend. And you can't help but feel that perhaps there is someone new that he is suddenly interested in.

Maybe you are in denial or perhaps you just don't want to seem needy and clingy, and allow him to have his space. But in the hearts of heart you are thinking that he may be looking for someone new, or is trying to start a relationship with someone else while being still with you.

You are not officially broken up, but this is a temporary state because if he is already acting like this, that means he is looking to replace you with someone else. It's just a matter of time when this will happen.

Another warning sign to watch out for is when he starts initiating sex less and less. And when you try to initiate sex he tells you that he is tired. If it happens once in a while, you can understand it. But if it's been happening on a regular basis, that means that he is no longer attracted to you the way he was before.

You may catch him looking at other women when you and he are out, and he may seem to pay more attention to the new women he meets. And sometimes you may even feel as if he temporarily forgets about you when he starts chatting with another woman at a party or when you and he go out in public.

And it hurts so much, but when you initiate a conversation about your concerns he acts as if nothing happened, tells you that you are over-reacting or that you are paranoid, and that he has never done anything to betray you.

It gets worse when he regularly becomes irritated with you. The cute things about you he used to adore now seem to irritate him and upset him.

And then he tells you he needs space. What does it mean and how do you interpret it when your boyfriend says he needs space?

If he starts acting like this, be warned! A break up may be closer than you think.

But the good thing is that you can actually fix your relationship and prevent the break up.

I have outlined a Plan of Action on how to change this situation around and get the commitment from a man who seems to be drifting away right now.

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4 Responses to “My Boyfriend Says He Needs Space. What Does It Mean?”
  1. Adrian says:

    If he says he needs space then he means he must be left alone for some time. he need privacy

  2. Sarah says:

    I agree with Adrian. If he says he needs space, give it to him. The best tip on how to get your ex boyfriend back is to respect his need for space and time. He will need to think and assess his feelings before he can think about whether he's still willing to give the relationship another chance.

  3. ZINHLE says:


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